Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions have been updated as of 1/1/2024.

How to Play:

The participant obtains Tickets that qualify them to enter any available competition based on the type they prefer. They must collect points by completing the games successfully.

  • Free Games:
    This set includes 5 free games. Participants can play 5 free rounds daily without tickets. After daily free rounds end, they can continue by using 50 tickets or wait until the next day for 5 more free rounds. Participants receive 100 points for each correct game.

  • Puzzles:
    This set includes 5 games. Participants can play 5 rounds by using 100 tickets and receive 100 points for each correct game.

  • Challenges:
    This set contains 5 games. Participants need 300 tickets for unlimited stages within a single game. If logged out or exiting the game, the player needs to pay again. Participants receive 200 points for each successful level.

Required Tickets

  • Free Games:50 tickets are required to continue playing after the 5 daily free rounds.
  • Puzzles: 100 tickets are required per day for 5 puzzle game rounds.
  • Challenges: 300 tickets are required to enter challenge games.

Prices list and method of obtaining Ticket:

You can purchase tickets via Credit Card available through Al Khaznah site by clicking the “BUY TICKETS” button and choosing the payment value as follows:

Country Operator One-time subscription price Number of awarded cards Daily subscription price Number of tickets
Palestine Ooredoo Palestine 5.8 ILS (Tax included) 100 cards 1.16 daily ILS (Tax included) 25 cards/per day
Palestine Jawwal Pal 5.8 ILS (Tax included) 100 cards 1.16 daily ILS (Tax included) 25 cards/per day
Palestine Jawwal Pay 5.8 ILS (Tax included) 100 cards
Palestine Jawwal Pay 29 ILS (Tax included) 500 cards
Palestine Jawwal Pay 58 ILS (Tax included) 1200 cards
Palestine Jawwal Pay 116 ILS (Tax included) 2400 cards
Palestine Jawwal Pay 290 ILS (Tax included) 6000 cards
Jordan Zain JO 1 JOD 100 cards 0.2 JOD/per day 25 cards/per day
Jordan Orange JO 1 JOD 100 cards 0.2 JOD/per day 25 cards/per day
Jordan Zain Cash 1 JOD 100 cards
Jordan Zain Cash 5 JOD 500 cards
Jordan Zain Cash 10 JOD 1200 cards
Jordan Zain Cash 20 JOD 2400 cards
Jordan Zain Cash 50 JOD 6000 cards
Egypt Fawry 10 EGP 25 cards
Egypt Fawry 20 EGP 55 cards
Egypt Fawry 50 EGP 150 cards
Egypt Fawry 100 EGP 300 cards
Egypt Fawry 500 EGP 2000 cards
Egypt Vodafone 20 EGP 50 cards EGP 5 /per day 10 cards/per day
Egypt Etisalat Egypt 20 EGP 50 cards EGP 5 /per day 10 cards/per day
Egypt WE 20 EGP 50 cards EGP 5 /per day 10 cards/per day
Egypt Orange Egypt 20 EGP 50 cards EGP 5 /per day 10 cards/per day
ِAll countries Credit card 5 USD 400 cards
All countries Credit card 10 USD 850 cards USD 10/per month 950 cards/per month
All countries Credit card 25 USD 2300 cards USD 25/per month 2700 cards/per month
All countries Credit card 50 USD 5000 cards USD 50/per month 6000 cards/per month
All countries Credit card 100 USD 11000 cards USD 100/per month 13500 cards/per month

Ticket Validity:

  • Paid tickets are valid for one year from the purchase date.
  • Free tickets are valid for 30 days from the award date.
  • Al Khaznah team retains the right to change ticket validity, and subscribers must review this document for any changes.

Prizes and winners:

  • Free Games: $10 daily for one winner.
  • Puzzles: $50 daily for one winner.
  • Challenges: $5,000 prize; draw after reaching the pre-set count.
  • Players require 100 points to earn a draw chance in the Free Games and Puzzles
  • In the Challenges, every 5000 points counts as a draw chance.
  • Additionally, players can acquire draw chances through buying Game Entrance Rounds
  • Each purchase of 5 game rounds or Challenge attempt, using tickets, grants the player an additional draw chance.
  • Draws will be posted on Al Khaznah’s Facebook page every Tuesday.

Important information

  • The winner is responsible for all commissions associated with transferring prizes, and the fees may vary depending on the destination country.
  • Transferring tickets from one account to another is not allowed on this site.
  • This website is exclusively for gaming and competitions, and it does not constitute an offer or solicitation to gamble.
  • The winners are announced at the end of each competition, if more than one player is even in the total collected points, the prize value is distributed among the participants who received the highest balance of points.
  • Every participant can register using one email only. In case the same user has multiple accounts; this will constitute a fraud attempt leading to loss of any prizes.
  • Participants get 25 free Tickets upon initial registration and 50 free Tickets after completing the profile section.
  • Al Khaznah management has the right to use the names and photos of the winners in campaigns, promotional ads, via SMS, and on social media, in any way that the management considers appropriate.
  • Al Khaznah management has the right to change the competition system, including playing mechanism, duration, prizes, and available information to the remaining contestants regarding other competitors in terms of showing points, ranking, and others.
  • If any contestant's manipulation or circumvention of competition laws is proven, the company has the right to revoke the player's prizes resulting from this circumvention and award the prize to the next candidate. The company also reserves the right to initiate legal proceedings against the circumventing player in cooperation with the official responsible entities.

Obligations of registering in Al Khaznah site.”
Once registered on Al Khaznah site, you declare and commit to the following:

  • Providing all the required information on the registration form ("registration data").
  • Each participant can register using only one email. Having multiple accounts for the same user constitutes a fraud attempt, leading to the loss of any prizes.
  • Assuming full responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided. Any incorrect, inaccurate, or incomplete information may result in actions taken by Al Khaznah site, such as suspension or deletion of the account.
  • Not using the site in any way that infringes the laws of the operating state and the laws of any other country where Al Khaznah services are available.
  • Ensuring the confidentiality of account information. You are fully responsible for all activities occurring through the account, and Al Khaznah will not be liable for damages resulting from non-compliance with this clause.
  • Reporting any unauthorized use of your account promptly, whether involving password, nickname, or other uses. It is recommended to use a password that is difficult for others to access.
  • Avoiding any use or infringement of users' names and/or data that is harmful, infringing, or incompatible with morality and public customs – as determined by Al Khaznah. Violation of privacy and usage policies may result in immediate deletion of the account without compensation for the value of the Tickets.
  • Accepting liability for compensation towards any entity if the user uses or encroaches on users' names and/or data in a harmful, infringing, or incompatible way with morality and public customs, as determined by Al Khaznah. There shall be no liability for material compensation or compliance on Al Khaznah site.
  • Al Khaznah website has the right to suspend or delete the account of any user who broadcasts, shares, and/or publishes any misinformation that exposes Al Khaznah website to material and/or reputational damage.

User Agreement

Important:The "End-User Licensing Agreement" (hereinafter referred to as "This Agreement") constitutes the end-user licensing agreement for this product signed by you ("an individual, company, or other enterprise") and Beecell company. Please read carefully all the terms and conditions in this agreement, including but not limited to usage information, legal responsibilities, and limitations of liability. By installing and using Al Khaznah software, you will be considered to have accepted the terms and conditions in this agreement.
If you install or use this software in any way, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this agreement. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions in this agreement, you cannot install or use this software. This agreement is the contract between you and Al Khaznah competition regarding the downloading, installing, and use of this software. It stipulates your rights and obligations regarding the use of this software.
Intellectual Property:This software was developed by Al Khaznah competition or licensed by the owners of the software (hereinafter referred to as "licensors"). The intellectual property rights of this software and all information and content relating to it, including but not limited to written descriptions and its collections, icons, images, charts, colors, interface designs, page layouts, associated data, printed materials, and electronic documents are protected under copyright law, international copyright treaties, and other laws and regulations governing intellectual property. All this intellectual property remains the property of Al Khaznah competition company and its licensors.

1. Al Khaznah competition company and its licensor retain all rights not expressly granted in this agreement. If you need to use any other rights not granted here, you must obtain prior written approval from Al Khaznah competition.
2. When using a third-party app on this software, you must sign a separate service agreement with the third party.
3. You may download, install, and run one copy of this software on one smartphone only. The same user cannot log in from another device at the same time.
Usage Restrictions:
You may use this software according to this agreement, in accordance with respect for and compliance with national laws, regulations, and policies. You are not entitled, nor may you engage in any unauthorized conduct, including but not limited to:
1. Deleting any copyright claims, notifications, or any other information and content contained in this software.
2. Reverse engineering, reversing assembly, or any other similar operations on this software.
3. Using, copying, editing, renting, or transferring this software or any part thereof outside the terms provided herein.
4. Providing this software to other parties, authorizing other parties to use this software, or using this software for unauthorized purposes (e.g., for commercial purposes).
5. Engaging in any unauthorized conduct relating to other relevant images, texts, and content contained in this software, including but not limited to the following: using, copying, editing, or adding links to, reproducing, publishing content, creating a reverse website, or using this software to develop derivative products, related software, or services without permission.
6. Using this software to store, publish, or disseminate content that violates national laws, regulations, and policies.
7. Using this software to store and publish content that violates other parties' legal rights, such as intellectual property rights and trade secrets.
8. Engaging in behavior that threatens the security of computer networks.
Version Updates:
Al Khaznah decides whether to provide this software with updates in the future. If Al Khaznah agrees to provide an update, this agreement will remain valid for the updated version unless an alternative software licensing agreement is provided. If the software is designated as an updated version, you must comply with this agreement.
Limits of liability
1. You agree to bear all the risks associated with using this software.
2. You acknowledge that this software may be influenced by various security issues, such as the use of your information by other parties to send you spam. Downloaded software may contain Trojan viruses and other viruses that threaten the security of your information and data, and therefore may affect the normal operation of this software. It is advised to enhance your information security and improve your awareness of data protection. Make sure you use password protection to prevent potential losses and avoid spam.
3. This software is provided "as is". Al Khaznah and its licensors make no commitments or guarantees in relation to this software, whether explicit or implicit, including guarantees of marketability, suitability for a particular purpose, and non-violation.
4. To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Al Khaznah and its licensors shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, accidental, private or punitive damages or any other damages resulting from or related to the use of this software or the inability to use this software. This includes damages resulting from personal injury or property damage, loss of profits, business interruption, leaking of trade secrets, and damages caused by leaking personal information due to non-exercise of duties including sincerity and reasonable care, damages resulting from negligence, or any damages resulting from financial or other losses. This limitation of liability applies even if Al Khaznah and its licensors are notified in advance of the possibility of such damage. The liability of Al Khaznah and its licensor must not exceed the amount you paid to buy tickets or sign up for tickets for this software. This provision must be effective under any circumstances.
5. Any other software derived from this software without the permission of Al Khaznah and its licensors is illegal. Downloading, installing, and using this type of software can lead to unexpected risks. Extreme caution is advised when downloading, installing, and using such software; as you bear all losses, damages, legal responsibilities, and the consequences of disputes that do not relate to Al Khaznah competition.
6. You bear all damages arising from a violation of laws or this agreement. If this violation results in damage to Al Khaznah, it reserves the right to claim full compensation from you.
Al Khaznah and its licensors reserve the right to suspend or terminate this agreement at any time. Upon the termination of this agreement, you must stop using this software immediately and delete all software installed and any data associated with its copies.
Other terms and conditions
1. If any of these terms and conditions are wholly or partly invalid or become invalid, the validity of the other provisions will not be affected.
2. The interpretation and validity of this agreement and the resolution of disputes arising therefrom are governed by the laws of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Any disputes arising under this agreement shall be settled through friendly consultations. If you cannot reach a settlement through these consultations within one month, you grant your full consent to submit the dispute to the Central Court of Amman. All legal costs shall be borne by the party who has not concurred in the dispute.
3. If you have any questions about this software, you can contact Al Khaznah Customer Service Hotline for more information. Thank you for supporting Al Khaznah. To provide a better answer to your questions and protect your rights and interests, please read the following information carefully before proceeding. To improve the stability of Al Khaznah mobile site, Al Khaznah will collect error messages and technical data when using the product.
4. Al Khaznah must get your permission to collect and analyze the following information:
i. Device information: phone operating system, phone language, device model, phone network mode, and phone SIM card
ii. Customer information: such as the customer's phone number, download method, user opening/closing time of the display interface, and optional information such as residence location, date of birth, interests, gender, email, etc.
iii. Display interface information: such as interface error messages and whether the service is enabled or not. If you do not want the above information to be collected and analyzed by Al Khaznah, please do not continue and exit this app. This software requires internet access during use. The network operator must collect any data fees arising; therefore, please contact the LAN operator for details. If you have any questions, you can contact Al Khaznah Competition for more detailed information. The service-provided company and/or the employees of its affiliates and/or their first or second-class relatives may not win any of Al Khaznah competition prizes.
5. If manipulation or circumvention of competition laws is proved in any way on any of the contestants, the company has the right to drop any of this player’s prizes resulting from this circumvention and to award them to the next position holder in the competition. The company also has the right to initiate legal proceedings against the fraudulent player in cooperation with the official responsible entities.
Subscription cancelation:
You can cancel your subscriptions to Al Khaznah Competition in one of the following ways:
• Account Deletion: You can completely delete the account from Al Khaznah competition, which will cause the cancellation of all your saved data, cancellation of your Tickets, and points collected from the date of registration.
• Cancellation of your subscription to the Monthly subscription service if exists.
• Cancellation of Daily Subscription Service: To cancel your subscription from the daily subscription service, follow the instructions below:
i. Palestine:
1. Jawwal subscribers: Send "alkhazneh 0" in a text message to 37083.
2. Ooredoo subscribers: Send "alkhazneh 0" in a text message to 13621.
Note: Subscription cancellation of the monthly subscription service does not affect the balance of collected points or the balance of Tickets.